Original Member Profile

Founder of Scarlet Red & original member since 1990. Started out with throat metal during the 90's metal scene. Then after admiring such greats as Rob Halford, Bruce Dickenson, and King Diamond, he decided to take operatic vocal lessons. Since the early days of vocal training, he has created his own unique flair & style.

In 1998 he finally focused on his guitar playing! As a self taught musician, the thump & grind has taken on a direction of it's own. After trying out every combination of amps & gear available to him, he finally settled for a Vintage Mesa Boogie setup. With the right guitars from Stallings USA, his sound has improved immensly. Tone like you wouldn't believe is one of the most impressive features of the signature sound of Scarlet Red.

Commitment to playing Hard Metal, and nothing less has kept the flame going these many years. This musician doesn't care if he gets signed to some mega-record contract, as long as he can stay pure Metal. It's his music, and if they don't like it, then that's too bad. It's not about money, It's about the music! It's his & he's gonna keep it the way he likes it, and that's that! Spirit's philosophy is; "This music is only gonna get heavier & harder metal , not the other way around".

In addition to guitar & vocals, Spirit has also dabbled a bit with keyboards. And once again, as a self taught player, this has turned out very interesting to say the least. There are some very nice compositions on such works as; Magick Maker, Black Sun Red Moon, and Voices, not to mention a few others as well. Very tasty!

In 2002 he set out to record his first demo. This project has taken several years to complete, and what started out to be a 4 song demo, evolved into a 2 CD compilation.

2003 brought us to the finishing touches of the self produced 2 CD Spiritus Demo. The purpose of this project is to produce the material used to present to the new lineup of live performers of our music.

2006 has proven to be an interesting year. Many setbacks, and many victories have been the theme of this period of time. Spirit has come to a realization that as time marches on, we are moving closer to the end of life as we know it. "Time is short, and so is life. So make use of the time we have left on this earth. Our legacy is all that will remain after we are dead and gone!"

After a long awaited period of time wandering through the vast desert of nothingness, 2006 auditions have finally brought forth new talent for our musical lineup. For more information please visit our Official Bio page.

2007 has a theme of direction and dedication. Spirit is presently working on the new material for the bands self produced CD "Prophetic Utterances" and upcoming live shows. A few new songs have been added to the set list, and of coarse much of the older material as it is recorded with the new lineup.

2008 has brought us to the actual recording studio. Yes, back at the original studio and ready to move forward. Spirit is hoping for an album release soon, yet there is no projected date as of yet.

2011 has seen the release of demo tracks such as "Blood on the Wall" and "Scarlet Red till you're Dead". If you get a chance, give the newest songs a listen and give us your feedback. Keep checking back as we will keep you posted on the upcoming album release date!

2012 has seen the newest release of "The Cauldron" demo which is now posted on the website. We are moving forward with our new songs and brutal re-writes of some of our older material as well. Rehearsals are well underway for recording and gigging. As we record the new material, we will update the website demo section for your listening pleasure.

2013 is a time of new beginnings and changes for the band. We have everything we need to move forward on the recording and we do plan to set up some shows this summer. Keep posted for the newest demo material!