Till You're Dead

What is a 3pM you might ask? These 3pM's are simply our Mp3 songs that we have turned backwards for your listening pleasure. I know, I know, Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven was the original one and it was called backwards masking by some. But actually, it's not backwards masking at all. True backwards masking is when the recording has been tampered with in the studio, and a subliminal message appears on it when it is played backwards. This is really not the case here, nor with the Led Zeppelin classic! But rather, it is simply a message that comes from the lyrics as they are played backwards. No studio parlor tricks, no overdubbing, no fake messages. These are the real deal, and it was discovered in January of 2008, which is 5 years AFTER the songs were finished in 2003. Someone other than the songs human author is trying to tell us something, and it is interesting how the reverse messages have absolutely nothing to do with the forward messages. Some may have alternate thoughts on what is actually being said, and the band welcomes any other ideas. Enjoy!

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Backwards Song Black 3pM

(Black 3pM Lyrics)

Original song Black Sun Red Moon

(Original Lyrics)


Backwards Song Earth 3pM

Earth 3pM (Lyrics)

Original song Earthquake

(Original Lyrics)


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